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Maggie Steber

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Maggie Steber


Born and raised in Texas, documentary photographer Maggie Steber has lived and worked all over the world. Her photographs have appeared in magazines, including Life, the New Yorker, Smithsonian, People, Newsweek, Time. Her projects have won her a variety of prestigious grants and awards including: Alicia Patterson Foundation Grant, the World Press Foundation Award, the Leica Medal of Excellence and others. 


The photograph exhibited here of the dog and the farmer comes from an essay on Texas that Steber has been working on, documenting the life of farm families, big city socialites, rodeo fans and female ranchers. Here she depicts Mr. Fluitt and his little dog who helps him during the harvesting. The dog knew where the rabbits had made nests and would bark every time the tractor approached them.  The dog chased the rabbits away and if there were babies in the nest, came back and barked at the farmer who could go around the nest without harming the animals. This teamwork has become, for Steber, the embodiment of how people living on the land understand nature and learn to be responsive to it.