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Anastasia Taylor-Lind

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Anastasia Taylor-Lind


Anastasia Taylor-Lind is an English/Swedish artist and journalist. She has worked for leading publications all over the world on issues relating to women, population and war. Anastasia is a TED fellow and National Geographic Magazine contributor. She is currently undertaking a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University.


MAIDAN – Portraits from the Black Square, published in 2014 is Taylor-Linds first book. The book is a collection of portraits of anti-government protesters and mourners made in a makeshift photo studio in Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) in Kiev photographed in February of 2014. The square was under siege, surrounded by police loyal to the government. Rising tensions culminated into the worst day of violence on the 20th of February.  The following day President Yanokovych fled Ukraine. The three months of protests resulted in 112 confirmed dead, and many more missing. The portraits have been uniformly shot against the black backdrop of Taylor-Lind’s improvised studio, removing them from the context of the barricades just a few feet away. The ‘fighters’ are identified by their homemade body armour, and the ‘mourners’ by the bunches of flowers they have brought to pay their respects to the dead.