One of the hearts behind Gulf Photo Plus, Mohamed, is inspirational, in-charge, and a mega multi-tasker.

Mohamed can hold simultaneous conversations on his iPhone, Skype and the office landline, schedule a shoot, check his email, entice photographers to come teach in Dubai, read the paper, offer solid gold shooting advice, watch the latest YouTube funnies and warm up for a game of football, all while having a 'relaxed' lunch.


The other heart behind Gulf Photo Plus, is Hala, who is savvy, vivacious and organized.

Beneath Hala’s cool, creative exterior beats the heart of mathematician – her love of spreadsheets is almost as strong as her devotion to all things photography. When she’s not keeping GPP on track, she is 'Aunty Hala' to her mini models (shooting kids – with a camera, not a gun), kicking @$$ at bootcamp or setting the office record for the highest sale of a photo at auction. 


Lindsay is the woman with the answers, and has been called ‘The voice’ of GPP… if GPP was a scouser (from Liverpool). Lindsay helps run our office and is intelligent, perceptive and always at hand with her idea bucket. In the flood of events, schedules and planning, Lindsay keeps her cool and keeps everyone intact. If you visit our office, you may be lucky enough to experience her dodgy impersonations, even dodgier jokes, latest TV review, and harsh, but not entirely unwarranted, opinions about James Blunt (not for the faint hearted).


Mel handles the front desk and helps the office run smoothly. She may dig her head into fantasy novels in her spare time, but at GPP she’s grounded in the real world with intelligence, interest and a bubbly persona to match. If you call our studio, you will likely talk to Mel who will be your guide to all things photography within Gulf Photo Plus and what we offer. She’ll deal with your queries and if chance permits, you may even get to experience a good chuckle and light-hearted conversation beyond GPP facts.


Miranda is GPP’s resident creative, compassionate, art-loving, Canuck (or Canadian to you and me).

With a hippy soul and a love of travel, Miranda’s here to encourage creative expression through photography, and to help people tell their story beyond the limits of words…and she’s quite handy with a spirit level, too. When she’s not curating our latest exhibition or rewiring a plug, you’ll find Miranda at local galleries and art fairs, meeting and learning from new people.


Musthafa is GPP’s Go-to-Guy with all things IT and technically related. He’s a pro on the computer and can have a website up and running in the blink of an eye. In fact, he’s the mastermind behind the GPP website and works alongside the team to ensure that the latest GPP news, workshop details and blogposts are available at your fingertips. Musthafa is also an IT enthusiast outside the GPP realm (we don’t understand why either), and a budding professional photographer too, freelancing in his spare time independently of GPP.


Michael is the number cruncher of GPP (you know, making sure we all get paid on time) and is the force behind creating a smoother accounting system for the team. But Michael isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill business accountant sitting at a desk with 6 different calculators and an abacus. He is also a full-time professional photographer and educator specializing in fashion, corporate events and product photography outside of GPP. And to add to the mix, he maintains his own blog and is a writer for local photography mag, Full Frame Magazine.